Total Agricultural Cycle

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  • Slopehelper - ONE system, who can cover ALL agricultural operations.
  • Complete ALL tasks on the fruit plantations with ONE multifunctional system.
  • Slopehelper - autonomous vehicle, that can perform ALL the necessary tasks without human supervision.
  • At ANY time of the day, independently on weather conditions or contours of the land while saving you the valuable amount of TIME and MONEY.
  • NO MORE different suppliers of equipment, spare parts and service.
  • ONE-HANDED PRODUCT, covering the ALL common obligations over a year for the entire agro-cycle.
  • It is a precise system in agriculture to manage variations in the field to INCREASE production using fewer resources and reducing the production costs except ours.

The idea of a perfectly cultivated lawn between rows in the vineyard or orchard is very appealing to many people. But to reach that level requires a lot of time, work and also a lot of resources. We have developed a vehicle that can mowing, weeding, harrowing, spraying, DE-leafing and so on, as often as necessary. Stimulating access to water, ventilation and sun exposure on your plantations.
Our solution is very simple, just disconnect your Slopehelper from the charger, plug the lawnmower, power harrow, sprayer, etc. and put it in the starting position. Leave everything to end without your supervision or control. For example, you can program the robot so that the spraying is done at any time when there are optimal weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind speed).It is same and for the other options. The time you used to spend on weeding, pruning, mulching, spraying, fertilizing… now can be used to accomplish other tasks. You’ll have more time to prepare your orders, monitor crop health, work on irrigation, schedule your work, or spend more time with your family.Slopehelper is an efficient system that contributes to increased profitability. Execution of two agronomic tasks at one pass. Thanks to two, independent hitches systems Slopehelper can carry out two tasks at once.<br> For example, mowing and spraying, mulching and weeding, power harrowing and fertilizer spreading and many different options by your choice.