TeroAir smart system


We are bringing the new digital age into agriculture.

TeroAir is the only application in the agricultural sector that connects farmers with their mechanization on the field, getting the real-time data reports and cooperates with a high number of partner consultants, on the same existing platform.

Our solution actually merges multiple sectors into one software. The initial purpose is to collect data from the field (plantations), record and analyze it, connect with an expert consulting team (agronomists), monitor real-time progress in performing the tasks of an autonomous vehicle, planner, and networking with other manufacturers in the same business. Our smart solution with the help of innovative technology gives each farmer a new approach to problem-solving. Through the TeroAir application, the whole procedure is shortened for an incredibly fast time. The gap that exists between the sampling of the plantation itself and the complete laboratory analysis with the help of our smart agro-system can be completed in just a couple of hours. Farmers get the information from the field and then can choose by prior correlation with the agronomist consulting team on how to overcome the problems and increase productivity.

This software tool (for now) is only compatible with the Slopehelper agro-system which can provide feedback from the working machine, monitor the vehicle at any time from any place and receive notifications about performance progress and all that without any external positioning systems, GPS or connections.

By this fully-equipped software, it is possible to manage all Sh vehicles owned by one owner and separated on deferent plantations or terroirs. Each farmer can tailored create his profile and monitor the vehicles on the deferent plots as well as obtain information according to their own specific needs.

This smart system full package providing traceability for cultivated viticulture and fruit growing, wineries, cooperatives, trading agencies and consultants all to come together on a common platform, where they can exchange views, conclude agreements and even establish new cooperation between each other.

Practical benefits for users:

From planting to harvest, TeroAir can be monitoring your operations with the help of dynamic information, interventions, consult and analyses. All of that your agronomic data can be stored on the cloud, from where you have the opportunity to use them at anytime from anywhere.

Whether you’re in the vineyard, in the orchard, or at home, it’s easy to consult and getting feedback only by using a smartphone or tablet. The TeroAir software lets you optimize your economic and environmental indicators throughout the agro-cycle. Based on this, it is possible to easily compare the data from the previous seasons and to obtain complete analysis and statistics for the progress of the fruit plantations and vineyards.

To compare our solutions with other existing on the market it is almost impossible because so far such a solution does not exist. We know that there are special solutions only for field and plants analysis and data collection, other for tracking and semi-autonomous driving agricultural vehicles, but there is no such complete application, which on one platform, covers expert opinion and informs farmers, fleet tracking, rapid field analysis, activity planning, and storage big data on the cloud place, where it is available to users.

♓️ TeroAir

With the help of this software our clients will be connected in real time with their Slopehelper, observing his progress in accomplishing the tasks and also receiving results from the services of the expert team performing the analysis in the background.

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Features of App

  • Slopehelpers operational status checking
  • Slopehelpers positions checking
  • Calendar of activity
  • Sh operations database
  • Fields parameters database
  • Consultancy store
  • Consultancy centers and experts membership
  • Giving the agronomist access for a live view on the plantation
  • Service information