Lawn mowing system mobile


It is a flexible, precise and highly agile five-blades, front lawn mowing system compatible with the basic platform of Slopehelper. We have developed a lawn mower that, in combination with our autonomous vehicle, can maintain your grassland between passage in every row of your plantation. With this type of lawnmower, you will experience new views. Innovated level how one of the most common functions during the season can simply be completed.

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Prototype testing                                 

 How to use it

 Lawnmower storage is on a specially designed storage cradle. To get the lawnmower from it and attach it to the vehicle require a mini-garage crane or forklift. For further installation and adjustment there is existing an optional moveable cradle which allows you to easily maneuver and attach the equipment.

Once mounted on the vehicle, lawnmower it is necessary to be connect with two power sockets and plugin to the main system of the base platform.

On the board computer, there will be shown a notification that lets you know the lawnmower is connected and ready to use. Select the option, height, number of rows, etc. After that you only need to set it the vehicle to the starting position, choose the option an autonomous mowing and press the START button.

Yes, things can be that simple. Slopehelper will always move through the middle of the passage, keeping the lawnmower on equal distance from both sides of the row and leaving behind a nice cut grass like a carpet.


Main advantages

  •  Five blade cutting

The five blade cutting enables mowing at a higher speed which additionally saves time for other options. Our lawn mowing system offers you the opportunity to mulch the lawn and turn into fertilization and soil feeding.

  • Low maintenance

Small amount of spare parts and transmission via V-belt means less downtime and low operation costs.

  • Silent operation

Powered by a high power, low voltage electric motor, the Slopehelper together with a lawnmower will experience very quiet mowing, which allows it operating day and night without disturbing the surroundings.

  • Automatic angle adjustment

Floating of lawn mower follows the contours of the ground, the angle of the slope, longitudinal and transverse which reduces the risk of braking the blades and damaging the whole system.

  • Precise tracking

Independently adjusting the gap between the lawn mower and the landscape gives the perfect slope angle depending on the terrain situation in both sides, back and forth.

  • Prevention of damaging

To prevent the lawn mower from falling into deeper openings or obstacles there is a safety rope system which limits the angle of fall and keeps the deck in floating position.

  • Suspension prevent of stucking

If the lawnmower comes on an obstacle such as a small stone, root or something similar (which can go under the safety barriers), our special shock absorber system will raise the deck and will emergency braking letting you know that there is a risk of damage to equipment on the passage.

  • Deck safety cage

The whole deck is in a frame that connects to the base platform at one end and the ability to connect the safety bumps to the front to allow the safe option of autonomous movement of the vehicle.

  • Completely electromechanical

In the mowing system there is no drop of hydraulics, lubricants (except bearings) or other types of oils, which makes it the only mower of this type on the market.


  • Cutting width – (150 cm)
  • Cutting height – (25 - 80 mm)
  • Blades – (5 pcs)
  • Speed of rotating - (900 rpm)
  • Sound power level - (45 dB)
  • Deck material – (Steel)
  • Brushless motor – (BLDC)
  • Low voltage – (48V)
  • Min. passage width – (160 cm)