Ducted sprayer

The experimental fields investigate how digital technologies can be used to protect the environment, increase animal welfare and biodiversity, and make farmers' work easier.

Thanks to many years of experience in mechanical design and creation of electric vehicle powertrain and remote control systems, PEK Automotive has managed to realize a product dedicated to spraying and pollinating of orchards.

The new spray product witch in combination with our base platform, represent the most modern and technically advanced system available for vineyards and fruit plantations. These devices are characterized by ease of use, low water consumption and great results in covering the entire surface of the trees. When connecting to the central system of the basic platform, it immediately gives us a choice of what type of plantation it is. Can be fought between 4 types of tree height and row width. This powerful and efficient spraying system is a revolution in the approach of spraying orchards and aims to reduce the use of chemicals and increase the efficiency of the application on the vines and orchards.

The combination of a large ducted head, a powerful fan, a low-pressure pump and special nozzles, all regulated by the main computer and fully supported by the autonomous movement system, greatly simplifies its use.



How to use it

The ducted fan sprayer just like the other products in the range of hinged equipment for the system Slopehelper, is characterized by simplicity of use. The sprayer itself has a powerful brushless motor which provides the continues “printing” movement of the head as it would constantly spray the liquids all over the surface of the stems. When connecting to the base platform, on the board computer there will be displayed settings options of the sprayer. The operator can decide between, the height of the trees / vines, the width of the row, and based on that determine the type of spraying. There are two types of spraying, by moving the ducted head and by a fixed angle. The movement of the head implies that the ducted fan is constantly moving up and down (for tall trees) so that it can cover their entire surface from the highest to the lowest point. Fixed position it is mostly intended for young trees or vineyards, where the head is raised above the tree and with its powerful fan it covers the whole plant.

The ducted sprayer storage is on a specially designed storage cradle. To get the sprayer from it and attach it on the Slopehelper base platform require a mini-garage crane or forklift. For further installation and adjustment, there is existing an optional, specially designed for them moveable cradle which allows easily maneuver and attach. However, the whole process of maneuvering with the equipment is easy and simple, and the attachments will not be left on the ground in your barn or garage.

Once mounted on the vehicle, the basic platform turns into the most innovative sprayer on the market so far. After connect with two power sockets and plugs to the main system of the base platform on the board computer, will be shown a notification that lets you know the ducted sprayer is ready for work. By giving only a few commands the agro-system can complete spraying of the plantation in the weather conditions when it is most suitable for it (late at night before sunrise).

Main advantages

  • Big head, ducted blower

The head of the sprayer is super powerful, agronomical performed, aerodynamic fan with adjustable speed. Depending on the width of the row and the size of the trees the power of the air flow can be very easily regulated according to the parameters of the board computer.

  • Low maintenance

Small amount of spare parts and transmission by electric actuators means less downtime and low operation costs. Equipped with 4 standard nozzles and standard hoses that connect them to the pump and then to the tank, makes the SH sprayer one of the simplest to maintain in the world.

  • Silent operation

Powered by a high power, low voltage brushless electric motors, which are the same in the base platform will experience very quiet moving, which allows it operating day and night without disturbing the surroundings and do not harm the health to all participants around the vehicle.

  • Automatic angle adjustment

On the cargo platform where the tank with liquid up to 2 tons is located, prevents the vehicle from rolling over. The axis of gravity is always in the center and it always holds the tank horizontally during operating, even at high inclinations.

  • 0% losses

Because can maneuver on slopes up to 45 degrees (100% slopes) and thanks to the self-adjusting platform it can reach even the most inaccessible parts on the plantation.

  • There is no close encounter of people with harmful chemicals.

The biggest benefit of the SH system is that during the spraying season, the operator does not have any close encounter during the spraying process. The autonomous agro-system performs the whole pollination of the plantation without the presence or supervision of people.

There are no more such terrible situations:



  • Recommended speed (3-7 km/h)
  • Head diameter (800 mm)
  • Speed of fan rotating (995 rpm)
  • Required distribution (0.0175 l/m²)
  • Diameter of spraying spot (150 cm)
  • Air speed on the exit (2.3 m/sec)
  • Airflow (4 m/sec)
  • Sound power level (46 dB)
  • Brushless motor (BLDC)
  • Low voltage (48 V)
  • Min. passage width (180 cm)