Batteries for 100% duty cycle

In the standard Slopehelper agro-system configuration are included basic batteries set of 480 Ah x 48V which means they can provide constant tractive force of 2t load and operating with a single hinged equipment for about 6 hours, constant work.

If that's not enough for some of our customers, we at PEK Automotive have created another full battery set for our more demanding Slopehelper users.

Full batteries set is 720 Ah x 48V, which means for fully charged batteries will consume about 36 kWh. With this power the vehicle has the ability to operate at full load (40° inclinations and constant tractive force with 2t load), about 8 hours. Normal operation, with one connected hinge equipment element exceeding more than 14 hours.

It enables continuous operation and coverage of a large area of plantations for a long period of time without any need for supervision over the operation of the agro-system itself.