The Slopehelper is a revolutionary, fully autonomous agriculture robot designed to cover the entire agricultural cycle on a horticulture plantation. Not only does it reduce labor by 90%, but also renders solutions for moving the agricultural sector forward by reducing fungicides, fossil fuel usage and carbon emission. There is no doubt agriculture robotics is the key to industry sustainability as it virtually eliminates the dependency on seasonal labor.


The Slopehelper system operates in an unassisted manner with the help of differential GNSS. The vehicle is based on artificial intelligence which uses an algorithm to identify and adapt to new situations, change rows and perform tasks fully autonomously.

While using the skid steer mulcher for the first time, the user will not have to set foot on the plantation, just stand at the front of the first row. Thanks to special radars, algorithms and cutting edge artificial intelligence, the robot scans its environment and ongoing changes in real-time to determine its own trajectory of motion.

Thanks to the TeroAir mobile app, the agricultural robot can notify users of performance progress and the current on-site situation, allowing them to locate and monitor the vehicle at any time from any place.

When faced with an obstacle, the robot sends a notification to the user via TeroAir and waits for the user’s instructions. In addition to informing the owner, the Slopehelper forwards the notification through the central server system, to our support team (available 24/7), in case additional assistance is needed.

In order for the Slopehelper to start working on the field, the user performs a simple procedure called field geo modelling. After doing this, the user has to place the robot in front of the first row of the field, give operational instructions and the number of rows he would like to process.

Once the procedure is completed, TeroAir app sends a notification. The Slopehelper will stop working after completing a given command or when the batteries reach 20%.


To move the Slopehelper to another plot, use the remote control.


No need to be a high-tech expert to use the Slopehelper! The application settings are easy to set up and user-friendly.


More performance, less time, and less labor needed in fields!



Disconnect the Slopehelper from the charger


Decide which operation to run and attach the required hinged equipment


Load the Slopehelper on your trailer and take it to the plantation


With the help of our easy-to-use remote control, unload the vehicle from the trailer.


Place it at the front of the row


Put the remote control on the contactless charger station and set the required parameters on the control panel


The SlopeHelper works autonomously through the field


Take your time and receive regular information via smartphone on the Slopehelper's progress with its task


After completing the operations, the Slopehelper sends a notification with the location and sends a completed task report


The vehicle will wait at the position where it ended its session, until the authorized operator comes after it


After recharging its batteries, the Slopehelper agro-system is ready for completing new tasks and managing new operations!