Extremely safety, no damages for the plants

The triple collision avoidance system installed in the vehicle, it gives you maximum safe operation on slopes and plains.

If an obstacle suddenly appears in his path, the emergency stop is activated. He is able to see and react before contact. If the obstacle is on the trajectory of movement of SH longer than 15 min. in this particular case, a notification is sent through the application TeroAir to informed the grower or the supervisor, who has the opportunity to remove the doubt or intervene if necessary. Before that the operator can check what it is about in real time through video transferring streaming what it is about. Just in case there are safety bumpers that activate it the emergency stop mechanically. In this case the notification is sanded immediately to the authorized operator. Inspection through the TeroAir app will be possible at any time, as well as locating the vehicle on the map.


They are front and rear safety bars with the same size as the width of the vehicle itself (160cm). By touching any obstacle or person of its trajectory immediately stop emergency braking system of the vehicle. The vehicle will stand in place until the safety bumpers are not released, but if it lasts longer than 20 minutes, the central alarm system automatically switches on and sends a notification to the owner. Тhis system only works as a second level of security if the detection of the sensors does not recognize anything.




In addition to the automatic safety features stated above the operator can immediately stop all machine movements and shut off the motors by pressing an E-Stop button; these are located on the remote control unit and on each side of the Slopehelper in the location indicated below.

Pic ext saf

When the E-Stop button is pressed, all machine movements and functions will cease immediately. Their basic function is to stop the vehicle as soon as they are pressed.


In emergency situations, all machine functions can be immediately stopped by pressing an E-Stop button.