Easy preparation for work

One of the things for us to develop is to make a user-friendly product. Working with it should be simple for those who are using it. We are aware that our users are not experts from hi-tech, so we simplified the whole principle of use. On the chandelier control monitor list all the necessary instructions and commands. So it’s easy and simple to give the commands to the Slopehelper agro-system. Also when it comes to navigating the whole vehicle. A very simple remote control, with a little practice, handles the given directions of movement the vehicle.

Also when it comes to attaching additional equipment. Each piece of the hinged equipment comes along with a special holder, which can be practically placed in a garage, and the equipment should be neatly placed in a suitable place. You will not need any additional tools when attaching or detaching any additional items of equipment. The unique and intelligent design overcomes all difficulties and headaches when replacing each unit of hinged equipment. Once one of the attachments is installed on the vehicle, all you need to do is to connect the required electrical connectors. The computer will recognize which product of the hinged equipment is and will give you options for its adjustment and preparation for commissioning, as well as brief instructions.


Our designers have also created an additional universal installation carrier that adapts well to any piece of accessories and allows mobile and easy movement with any product in the spectrum of hinged equipment. We think about how to make everyday life easier for our customers, as a whole installation and fastening procedure simplify and make it affordable for everyone.


for more detailed information and video on how it works: How it works