Easy for storage

With his 160cm width and 240cm length, the Slopehelper doesn’t take too much space in your garage or warehouse. It is only important to be next to an electricity supply because of the charger. Just navigate your Slopehelper with the remote control to the base position, connect to the charger and get it ready for use next day.

It is also completely water-resistant so it can be stored outdoors. There is no danger of theft, because the central system is personally locked, and the vehicle itself is not able to be moved without the commands of the owner-operator.



The same is with the hinged equipment. Each additional equipment unit comes with a wall holder that is specially designed for storing the equipment. This means that each element of the equipment will be neatly placed in its place with a hanging position and not anywhere to bother you in performing the daily tasks of the user. To take it from the wall and attach it to the base platform requires a mini-garage crane or forklift. For further installation and adjustment, there is existing an optional moveable cradle. Which allows you easily maneuvers and attach the whole range of equipment and get ready to use.